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About Athens

The Greek capital of Athens is a major city in the European Union.

  • Its cultural heritage, climate and hospitality make it a preferred tourist destination.
  • It offers a combination of metropolitan and mediterranean life styles – great restaurants, clubs, the beach in proximity…
  • Being the primary hub to the Greek islands creates constant demand for short term overnight stays by foreign travellers
  • Favorable minimum requirements for Golden Visa applications emerge as another driver of demand for real estate.
  • Athens’ importance as a trading hub for Asia-European trade is well established and on the rise.

These factors lead to a reliable demand for high quality lodging!

State of the Market

  • Real estate prices have retreated since the onset of the past financial crisis and the subsequence debt crisis. Lack of liquidity in the Greek banking sector prolonged the price drop, far below fair value.
  • This situation offers excellent entry opportunity for investors.
  • At these low levels, the downside from risks like the current Corona pandemic is far less severe than in cities with higher baseline valuations and higher purchase-to-rent multiples.
  • It is therefore a good time now to build a portfolio of well priced real estate, and to benefit from the anticipated increase in real estate prices once the Corona crisis has passed.